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The image above was a trick photography technique, you can learn more about how this technique by Visiting learn photography online. You will find a link there to a really great ebook caller learn trick photography.

On this site we aim to provide you with lots of useful information an tutorials all based on Photography, from hints and tips to great examples of how photography can provide identity for your business.

Photography Help and Advice

Let’s start by telling you a little bit about me, I have been a professional photographer for around ten years. All my skills are self-taught, I have never attended a university or collage, and my skills are totally self-taught. I have spent countless hours reading books, learning from any photography DVD that I could possibly get my hands on, attending photography courses covering portrait, wedding commercial, product and lots more.

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Tutorials To Help and Guide You

The very best way to learn and learn fast is to simply get out there and start taking photographs and learn from your successes and failures. I have run many training courses and one day seminars so I really do have a good understanding of what fellow photographers like yourself need as regards training and guidance. This site is a totally free site and I intend it to be a great resource for you to refer back to whenever you need help or support.

Examples of How Photography Can Sell

Photography creates perfect opportunity’s to capture life and record it on film or more likely onto a digital file. Photography can sell ideas; can sell products, lifestyles, you as a person and much much more. For great examples of the different types of how photography can sell your business please visit the following sites: SEO Search Engine Optimization Leeds.

So please have a browse through this site and take a look at all the resources pages and please do contact me with any questions that you might have. Remember I am a working professional so I might not be able to reply straight away, however I will defiantly do my very best to help.

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